I am a Karmic diagnostic therapist, therapist PEH (Pleiadion Energy Healing) and Moon mother. I share my healing energy through my works. As one of my teachers, Marjan Ogorevc, a successful biotherapist, author of many books and owner of one of my artworks, said: “Her paintings touch us, not only as the beauty of the painting, but also her energy, feelings that are caught in the picture as well as the higher spiritual part can be felt, if we just let it. Together with the painting, we enter the spiritual dimension, which speaks of the “higher needs” of the human being.
The special value of her paintings is the fact that through our personal experience we can overcome the earth’s reality. Through them, we are guided by the path to find awareness that the spirit is unlimited – it is through this awareness that we can make major changes also at the body level, which can be the path to unimaginable results in the field of improving health, mutual relations and spiritual growth.